Zion National Park

Zion National Park

This was the third national park that we visited within Utah. A weekly pass for the park is $30 per car (as at October 2017). Because we were visiting so many national parks we decided to buy an annual pass at the first park we visited. This cost $80 and gained us entry to all national parks in the US for a year.

At Zion you are unable to drive your car into certain areas of the park. They run a shuttle bus service from the local town, Springdale. Shuttles run every 10 minutes and are included in your entry fee. There are 9 stops on the route, close to all the major sites and hikes.


We visited Zion in the fall (autumn) which made for stunning colours on a beautiful sunny day. It also meant that it wasn’t so busy. I imagine it could get crazy busy in high season.
Although we didn’t have time to do the hike to The Narrows it looked like a great thing to do. Many people were taking the long hike, where you have to walk though water to see beautiful scenery. You do need to have the correct gear to do this hike as you are walking through cold water and rocky beds.

We did the very picturesque Riverside Walk, which is pretty flat and paved, making it suitable for disabled visitors.

It’s a bit of a steeper climb to get to the Weeping Rock. This is an area of rock where water cannot go through the rock so it is seeping out, making it look like the rock is weeping!

At the Zion lodge stop you can stop for refreshments including a beer and ice cream!

We stayed in the local town of Springdale, which has Zion National Park as its back drop. It makes for some great views from your bedroom window. There are many bars, restaurants and hotels in the area, so there’s no problem finding somewhere to rest those achy feet!


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