It was day 4 of our holiday when the 2017 road trip really got started. Our first drive took us from crazy Las Vegas out into the dessert towards Lake Powell and a little town called Page in Arizona for the night. The journey was around 280 miles and once we were off the busy roads of Las Vegas the drive was pretty simple on quite roads.

As we approached Page we stopped off at Horseshoe Bend.  This is a big U shaped bend in the Colorado River. To view the bend you need to take a little hike from the parking lot to the top of the cliff.  It’s slightly up hill and sandy so probably not for those who are unsteady on their feet.


Once we reached the top of the cliff, it was a breath taking view down to the river.  Many people were standing and even sitting right on the cliff edge, but as it was a bit windy I wasn’t that brave!  About the wind – as I said it was quite windy when we visited.  This meant that the sand of the desert was being blown all over the place and was pretty painful when blasting my short-clad legs!  I must say that I did find this very amusing, hearing people squeal and trying to out run a sand storm!  It’s also hard to walk with your face buried in your hands!

Our visit was a late afternoon in October and it was fairly busy with people gathering to watch the sunset.  I would imagine it gets very busy there during the summer months.

The next sight we came across was Glen Canyon Dam, a 220m high dam that forms Lake Powell. Unfortunately we were unable to park here so we just viewed it from the road bridge.

We stayed the night in the Best Western, Lake Powell View in Page.  True to its name it has a great view towards Lake Powell and the surrounding area.  Page is a well-equipped town with many shops and restaurants to choose from and very much worth stopping over there.


The next morning we made an early start for our tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, just outside of Page.  After queuing up to check in for our tour, we were informed there was no booking for us!  Out came my phone to check the email confirmation, I passed this to the lady who rightly pointed out I had booked for the following year, whoops!  However, my very silly mistake was not a problem, there was plenty of space available on the tour (phew!)

Once we had descended the rather steep stairs/ladder into the canyon, it was breath taking! Choosing an early tour was a great decision because as the sun rises it brings out amazing colours in the rocks.  Definitely worth getting up early for!




The whole tour lasts for around 90 minutes.  You are expected to be able to walk on uneven ground, go through some narrow spaces and climb the odd ladder.  All the guides are Navajo natives and very informative.

In my next blog I’ll tell how visiting Monument Valley became very costly for us!

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