Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park is located in north Moab, Utah. Entry to the park costs $25 per car (at October 2017) and is open every day of the year. Before entering the park make sure you have plenty of water, sun screen and sun hat, it gets very hot and there isn’t much shelter outside of your car.

As you take the leisurely drive through the park you come across a collection of arched rocks. Each area has a car park or pull in where you can get out, take photos and read about what you are looking at. It’s pretty amazing to think that these arches have all been carved naturally!

In order to get close to some of the arches you have to take a long hike – not something we fancied – so we found a viewing point where we could see the delicate arch in the distance!

If you do want to do hiking this would be a great place with well laid out trails and great scenery.

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