Coming from the East Midlands of England I spent most of my childhood holidays in a touring caravan in Devon and Cornwall. At 16 I went to Spain with my best friend and her family, what an eye opener that was! I wanted to see more.

My next venture aboard wasn’t until I was 23, when myself and my then boyfriend (now husband) went on a trip to the USA. Thinking about it now, this was pretty ambitious but that was it we were hooked on traveling. Unfortunately, grown up things like work and a mortgage slowed our traveling down for a while. Now I am in my 40’s, work full time using all my leave up on seeing new places on both land and sea.

I consider myself an ‘average traveller’, no penthouse suites, no backpacking, no staying in hostels, just affordable hotel rooms and cruise cabins!

All my travels are funded by myself and I am not affiliated with anyone.

So what’s with the bear?

It all started when my husband bought me a little teddy bear at Christmas. I started to send photos from the bear to friends and family from all over the world. He now travels everywhere with me, updating his Facebook page and sending photo’s.

Duke at Lake Tahoe, California, USA.

Why the blog?

When I am not traveling I spend a large amount of my spare time researching places. I wanted to develop a site where I can share what I have learnt and people can find a lot of the practical information they need.

You will notice that I include lots of photographs in my posts, I love taking photos and want to share as many as possible with you!

I hope you find something here that you enjoy and it helps you with your travels.


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